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North Star helps leaders transform their visions into reality. We believe that all leaders possess a North Star vision, we provide the guiding light. An ethos built on the following principles:

  • Navigate: We embrace the opportunity to navigate uncharted territories.

  • Origin Story: We recognize that we all have an origin story, which influences and defines our understanding.


  • Radical imagination: We possess the power of radical imagination to push beyond the limits of the status quo.

  • Transparency: We deem transparency as a non-negotiable factor when dealing with others.

  • Humility: We recognize that we can never be an expert of a home we’ve never lived in, as a result, we enter every opportunity with humility to exchange and share new approaches.


  • Systems Change: We seek to understand the dynamic and evolving interconnected systems that impacts ones (in)ability to thrive.

  • Transformational Relationships: We believe in transformational relationships based on trust, understanding, and shared commitment as core measures of success.

  • Acknowledgement: We acknowledge the unheard voices, unseen faces, and unspoken truths in a world that only counts what matters to the dominant culture.

  • Respect: We respect the legacy, history, and cultural assets of the people and places on the journey.

Northstar828 equity consulting practice offers public policy services including root cause analysis, strategic planning, and training.

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